Retrica free download

An application that is specially designed to take selfies or self-portraits, apply filters and make small collages among many other features is Retrica free.

Retrica works the same way as any application to take pictures, but focusing on making the selfies look pretty good, in fact, it can apply “live” filters before taking the picture itself, so that you can make sure the desired filter is being used beforehand.

You can also apply a vintage effect, and at the same time make four different takes creating a brilliant collage that later can be shared on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp. You can also take pictures of landscapes, with your friends, during the night, with sunshine and any other situations and styles you may want. It has different filters depending on the type of photo you take.

Retrica free download

Remember that Retrica is just an application to take pictures and edit them, unlike Instagram photo editing that also works as a social network.

Retrica is focused on high-resolution selfies based on the vintage style to create collages with photos taken by the app. It has 80 filters that can be applied before taking the photo, 25 are only available if the user wants to upgrade to the Pro version which costs no more than 2 €. Additionally, you can take consecutive pictures, thanks to the app ability to set time intervals from up to 10 seconds.

Unlike other photo editing applications, where it is required to do a learning course, Retrica has a simple interface where taking and editing a picture is just a matter of few steps.

Advertising within the application can be quite annoying, but developers are also entitled to monetize their applications, however, if this argument does not convince you, you have the option to upgrade to the Pro version that no longer suffer from advertising and would also add extra features like the 25 filters as we previously mentioned.

Retrica free


Windows Phone: Since this app is only available for Android and iPhone users, Windows Phone owners will need to look for proper alternates that live up to their expectations. This alternate app is none other than PicsArt, an incredible tool that allows you to do pretty much most of the tasks that Retrica does in a very easy and intuitive way. It’s free and can be downloaded directly from the Windows Phone Store.

Blackberry: As you may imagine, this app is not available for Blackberry devices either so a worthy alternate is definitely PicMix, an useful tool that gives you the ability to edit and share your photos online. It features amusing frames, text caption, fashionable effects and a lot more! This is definitely a way decent replacement for Retrica on Blackberry and it’s absolutely free to download directly from the App World Store.

Nokia: Since Nokia smartphones run under Windows Phone OS, the best alternate is undoubtedly PicsArt as previously commented lines above.

PC: Yes, it is possible to have the app on our computer as well but for this we don’t really need an alternate but a software that can emulate the Android experience, that software is none other tan Bluestacks. This program is basically an Android emulator that gives us the chance to download and install all apps from Google’s PlayStore on our desktop computer or laptop, it’s totally free to download and easy to use.



Official Retrica app for Android: it is available on Google Play, but you will find more information about how to download and install it here.

Official Retrica app for iOS: It is available on iTunes. You will find more information in this post.

PicsArt: This is the alternate app for Windows Phone devices (including Nokia smartphones of course), you can download it from this location:

PicMix: The app for Blackberry users that it’s a good alternate:

Bluestacks: This is the Android emulator that allows you to install any app on your PC. Here we explain you how to install it.