Download Retrica for Windows Phone

The variety of applications of photography continues to grow and expand and it seems a genre that engages users of smartphones, one of the most intriguing alternatives is Retrica for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. An application with several editing options to get striking, elegant photos with a vintage touch and in different formats. All this focus on “auto-photos”, better known as “selfies” but is not limited to this genre of photography.

This is a photo application that allows you to capture and edit. Something like Instagram, but eliminating the concept of social network, being used only to take and edit photos. It also aims to be an especially useful tool for auto-photos, although it can be employed to take snapshots of scenes, group photos, etc. All this in a simple and straightforward tool that gets rid of menus and further complications.

Retrica for Windows Phone

However, all that glitters is not gold as Retrica is not available for Windows Phone, so welcome PicsArt as a valid alternate for this OS. As you may guess, it’s not available for BlackBerry devices either so Android and iOS based devices owners are the only lucky ones here.

Other important Retrica highlights

Retrica can change the image format, taking advantage of widescreen or by cutting a square or different proportions with the first icon on the toolbar. It also lets you apply a shaded circular effect as the classic images if the second option is selected. Besides, the app has the blurring effect known as Instagram that allows to focus on a specific object or image area.

Finally, it also has the ability to add frames to images and use a screen timer to capture an image or give the user time to get prepared for the shot. Retrica has the ability to set the timer between one and ten seconds from the “Settings” menu on the button in the upper left corner. Also, in this same area, you can find different photo formats to create all types of collages you can imagine.

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