Download Retrica for PC

The app world for smartphones is in constant evolution, an Android developer creates something on iOS, then one of iOS does the same on Android, the latter is usually a joy for all users of the operating system of Google, especially when they can get a hold of apps like Retrica for PC and Android devices mainly. This is pretty much the same situation that happened with apps like Timehop, Sunrise Calendar or Mailbox, but today it’s time to talk about Retrica, an app that you will surely love.

If you are fond of selfies today is your lucky day, because Retrica, an application that was only available for iOS has been just made available for Android users. This application is intended for photo editing purposes, but its true potential lays in selfies making, editing and sharing.

Retrica for PCThe application can be downloaded completely free either on Google’s Play or iTunes Store, but this version will have ads on the screen. If we want to remove these ads, we will have to pay 1.45 euros for the full version (called “pro” version as well), which includes no ads at all and 25 new filters that we can freely apply to any photo we take with our camera.

There are plenty of times when we find out that an application we want for our smartphone is only available either for Android or iOS devices. Retrica used to be one of those applications that a lot of people wanted to have on their Android devices as it was only available for iOS, fortunately, now it can be enjoyed by users of both OS. It is basically an app designed for photo editing but especially for the type of photography that is so fashionable lately, better called “selfies”.

The app interface is very simple and minimalist, it will surely remind you of Instagram’s own. Cool thing about it is that can be downloaded for free on your PC using Bluestacks, an Android emulator that allows you to install any app on your laptop or desktop computer. All you have to do is download and install the software and then use the search bar to locate the apps of your choice, in this case, Retrica. This way you will have it for free on your PC, even if it’s exclusively available for iOS and Android, but not for BlackBerry devices as you may have guessed.

Download Retrica for PC

As mentioned before, Retrica boasts a minimalist interface which happens to be very simple to use. We can take pictures and edit them right away while applying a lot of filters to compensate the poor quality of some front cameras or just add an original touch to them. There are many photo editing apps for Android but the main highlight of this one is the easy and intuitive interface, making of photography editing a very simple and fast process.

One of the features people like the most about this application is that when we access it, the status bar gets hidden while the navigation one stays on. Probably in future updates this bar will be also hidden to enhance the user experience and make it a highly attractive feature.

For now, Retrica appears to be a addictive and compelling app that gathers plenty of options for everyday use, being “selfies” its main attractive although we believe its strongest feature is definitely the editing capabilities we can take advantage of. This is mainly due to the fact that we can turn a crappy picture into a masterpiece, the filters and additional options are just so incredibly effective that would make any type of photo look like taken with a Polaroid or high-end camera. Just try it for yourself and experience all it has to offer!