Download Retrica for iPhone

Nowadays we live in the selfies era, but we all know it is not easy to get an “auto-photo” that looks perfect, if we want to use the rear camera of our smartphone, we can not see the screen to control how the image is going to look, here’s where apps like Retrica for iPhone play an important role.

What is Retrica?

It’s a an app available for iOS and Android devices that claims to be perfect when it comes to taking selfies. The main reason is the numerous editing tools that make easy to enhance photos taken with the front camera, usually of lower quality.

Download Retrica for iPhoneFilters, frames and collages

The editing options are many: more than 80 filters, most with a vintage touch, 22 templates for collages, possibility to add frames, blur effect, timer, etc. You can take photos through the app or select a photo from your album gallery. Furthermore, the application allows you to add a watermark so other people do not use the photos you’ve created.

Free app but with “pro” option

You can download Retrica on your iPhone for free, but it’s also possible to upgrade to a “pro” version: ads will disappear and you’ll get access to all filters (there are 25 of the 80 that are blocked in the free version). The upgrade price is 1.79 euros. Of course, the app is also available for Android-based mobile devices. On the other hand, there is not an official version for Blackberry users or Windows Phone phones.

After and before editing

One of the special features of this app is that editing can be performed after taking the photo or right before: You can add the filters to the pictures in the camera to see how they will look.

Not only for selfies

Retrica is known for being good for selfies, but can also be used perfectly for normal photos through the rear camera.

Front End

The app interface is attractive and simple, giving particular importance to the image. Its use is easy and intuitive, so it will not take you that long to learn how to use all the editing tools almost like a professional.