Download Retrica for Blackberry

The holidays are always a great time of the year to take many photos, either with our family, friends or just from the places we visit, hence the need of a proper app for photo editing such as Retrica for Blackberry.

This is an app that offers the possibility to modify images applying different filters that give a special touch to your photos. All this can be done in an easy way, you don’t have to be an expert in photography to use it, not even spend a lot of time finding the desired final appearance.

Retrica for Blackberry

The app options are not endless but basic ones. For example, it is possible to manage the use of flash, change the sensor you want to use, easily access to the editing section from an icon and a timer, just to name a few. Unfortunately, Retrica is only available for Android and iOS devices but there’s a great alternate in the BlackBerry World Store called PicMix that you can download for free. This app allows you to do pretty much everything Retrica does and is way fast, cool and well-known for its sharing feature on social networks linked to a PicMix community where millions of users interact everyday.

Back to Retrica, the simplicity is one of its basic features, we believe this is a positive thing because it provides immediacy, something that is needed pretty often and other apps can’t offer. As that wasn’t enough, you can share your edited photos using other installed applications such as email clients, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, among tons more.

Last but not least, the options are way diverse as it is even possible to rotate the photo from being modified to add an edge to it. However, the most important feature are the filters and the additional options that allows us to add effects of colored lights or shadows.