Download Retrica for Android

2014 was the year an app that has grown immensely in recent months, Retrica for Android has reached 50 million downloads in three months and ranked 4th in the free apps section of this platform, above Instagram and Twitter; while it ranks 14 in the App Store for iPhone under the same category.

But what is Retrica? It is a photo editor for mobile phones. Yes, there are many other tools that perform the same basic function but nowadays this is the application that’s taking advantage over the other ones. Let’s see why.

Retrica for android

User-focused design

Taking, editing and sharing photos have never been so easy. The key lays in real time. Why wait to take the picture to discover which filter fits best? As this was not enough, Retrica is free to download from Google’s PlayStore.

First the screen, then the picture

That’s what is all about. Try the filters provided by the app while doing the framing, so you will know exactly what the image will look like before taking the picture. This makes the app very attractive for many users. Thats why we recommend you to download Retrica now.

Filters for all

Instagram became fashionable because of this function, however Retrica has dozens of free filters available separately in 9 groups. Forget about using only 3 or 4 for a lifetime. Furthermore, additional packs are available for purchase (with up to 80 filters!).

The funny Random

Be surprised by filters chosen randomly by the application especially when you use the same few filters pretty often.


The countdown for pictures is very useful for better image results.

Collages with interval

A very interesting feature. Put together collages of two, three, four and more photographs using automatic or manual intervals.

Simple manual focu before taking a picture

Works great and it’s properly optimized to work with just one finger in case you do not like to add the blur effect after the photo has been taken.