Download Retrica APK

Today we are going to talk about Retrica, an app that have been recently made available for Android, it’s got plenty of different options which are very convenient for photo editing, it has a very easy to use and intuitive interface, it’s available for multiple platforms and stores like Google’s Play Store, iTunes Store while we can also download the Retrica APK file.

As just expressed, this is an application that can be downloaded on Android, PC, iPad, iPhone and iPod devices and allows us to edit our photos in a very professional way.

Download Retrica APK

The main highlight when compared to most of the other applications used for the same purposes, it’s the wide variety of filters. There are about 80 filters available in order to edit your photos, all this through a simple and intuitive interface as mentioned above.

For those who don’t want to get the app from Google’s Play Store, you can always download Retrica’s APK file and install it like any other external app such as the ones from Aptoide or BlackMart Alpha for instance.

Another useful and convenient feature of this app is the timer that supports multiple customizations, which depending on how you are used to make your photos can be a very interesting feature to try.

The pictures taken with Retrica allow great definition and resolution. That’s something interesting that not all applications linked to the world of photography allow us to do. Also, it is downloadable to our PC (via Bluestacks) increasing the versatility of the app.

This is definitely an interesting app that you must try if you like photography and that you can compare with other ones you may be currently using.

As all the previous features were not enough, Retrica is completely free for Android, iOS or PC. It has a premium version that grants us access to all the filters plus it’s ad-free, definitely worth checking out.