• Retrica free download

    An application that is specially designed to take selfies or self-portraits, apply filters and make small collages among many other features is Retrica free. Retrica works the same way as any application to take pictures, but focusing on making the selfies look pretty good, in fact, it can apply “live” filters before taking the picture itself, so that you can..

  • Download Retrica for PC

    The app world for smartphones is in constant evolution, an Android developer creates something on iOS, then one of iOS does the same on Android, the latter is usually a joy for all users of the operating system of Google, especially when they can get a hold of apps like Retrica for PC and Android devices mainly. This is pretty..

  • Download Retrica for Nokia

    Today we can access a lot of apps with features that make our mobile devices a very useful tool that can be hardly left home when we go out. It’s like carrying a huge library with tons of great and helpful books, such as important is having a proper photo app, like Retrica for Nokia devices, tablets and Smartphones in..

  • Download Retrica for Tablet

    If you want to take some of the greatest photos out there, stand out from the others or just make your own pictures to shine among the rest then you have to try Retrica for Tablet and smartphones in general. You can select the way you want to recall that superb view from a trip or that excellent meal you..

  • Download Retrica for Android

    2014 was the year an app that has grown immensely in recent months, Retrica for Android has reached 50 million downloads in three months and ranked 4th in the free apps section of this platform, above Instagram and Twitter; while it ranks 14 in the App Store for iPhone under the same category. But what is Retrica? It is a..

  • Download Retrica for iPhone

    Nowadays we live in the selfies era, but we all know it is not easy to get an “auto-photo” that looks perfect, if we want to use the rear camera of our smartphone, we can not see the screen to control how the image is going to look, here’s where apps like Retrica for iPhone play an important role. What..

  • Download Retrica APK

    Today we are going to talk about Retrica, an app that have been recently made available for Android, it’s got plenty of different options which are very convenient for photo editing, it has a very easy to use and intuitive interface, it’s available for multiple platforms and stores like Google’s Play Store, iTunes Store while we can also download the..

  • Download Retrica for Blackberry

    The holidays are always a great time of the year to take many photos, either with our family, friends or just from the places we visit, hence the need of a proper app for photo editing such as Retrica for Blackberry. This is an app that offers the possibility to modify images applying different filters that give a special touch..

  • How to install Retrica

    Retrica is a great app mainly used to take selfies, you can choose from a variety of filters and effects to edit your photos with the best quality besides being able to share them with your friends on the most popular social networks, all that and more from your PC, tablet or mobile device after you install Retrica. With over..

  • Download Retrica for Windows Phone

    The variety of applications of photography continues to grow and expand and it seems a genre that engages users of smartphones, one of the most intriguing alternatives is Retrica for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. An application with several editing options to get striking, elegant photos with a vintage touch and in different formats. All this focus on “auto-photos”, better..